The Jewelry And Fashion Trends Of 2017 You Need To Know About

Each year there are new fashion and jewelry trends that you need to know about. There are a number of trends that you can look into depending on your fashion style and jewelry tastes. 2017 offers a number of trends that have a bit of bite and a unique take on some older trends.

Super Bright Colors

The first fashion trend which hit the Spring and Summer fashion shows was super bright colors. The trend for summer 2017 is going to be bright and bold colors. Single colors were the top selections from designers with pink being the top choice for Paris Fashion Week. However, if pink is not your color there will also be a choice of sunshine yellow and Kermit green to choose from.

Inverted Gemstones

Fashion is not the only area with trends and one of the 2017 trends for jewelry is inverted gemstones. Designers have taken to inverting the setting of gemstones in their jewelry. This means that the culet point is now facing outward instead of being set in the metal. This offers a new look to the jewelry and some designers are stating that it is similar to battle armor which can help you prepare for the day ahead.

The 80’s Redux

The 80’s trend of 2016 is still continuing and saw a resurgence at fashion shows. However, unlike the super bright colors, the 80’s redux focuses more on evening wear than daywear. Some of the designs that you might be seeing around include high-shine fabrics and draped volume. There is also an increase in crystal earrings and giant belts to complete the trend.

Bold Design Pearls

Another fashion style that is making a comeback is the pearl. Many jewelry designers are breathing a new life into the pearl by including them in some very bold designs. The nacre of pearls is flattering to any complexion and designers are taking advantage of this. Many people feel that this retake on pearl jewelry will make this a staple in jewelry boxes again.

Mix And Match

Gucci opened the doors to everyday eccentricity and many designers have followed. Mix and match is another fashion design that anyone can get into and many people may even have a head start on. Of course, when looking at this trend you need to ensure that you have a single color palette that you stick to. Other than this, you can combine any pieces that you want and look at accessorizing to the max.

Layered Bangles

Layered bangles have become very important as they offer and accent to the wrist and can complete an entire look. One of the benefits of this jewelry trend is that any bracelets and bangles can be combined. You can wear bangles that say something about your personality or lifestyle. There are no real limits for this trend and this makes it easy for anyone to get into it.

There are many trends for 2017 in terms of fashion and jewelry that you need to consider. Of course, some trends will be easier to get into than others and you need to consider which suit your personality.