7 Tips On How To Choose Jewelry for Your Wedding

Quite surprisingly, when it comes to planning a wedding, jewelry might seem like an afterthought rather than a priority. This is a big mistake. Jewelry serves to show off the beautiful dress, making you feel and look fantastic all day long.

Nonetheless, since you want every single detail to be perfect, it’s quite easy to get carried away by your budget. But, your wedding jewelry need not eat away the remaining bank balance; there are several options to get accessories on a budget. In this article, we have narrowed down a few essential tips and tricks to help you pick out great wedding jewels.
1. Old is Gold
It may sound clich√©, but if you’re after something with a more vintage feel, or if you’d prefer something with some sentimental value, your family’s jewelry box is the best place to look. Ask your grandma if she has a string of pearls to lend you in your big day. Such a family heirloom will not only bring meaning when you rock the gorgeous piece in the ceremony, but it will be of course free and ripe for the taking.
2. Rent Jewelry
For those that want show-stopping accessories just for the big day, you don’t need to buy them. Instead, you can check out the various jewelry rental stores and rent the jewelry you like. This way, you can enjoy the Cinderella feeling by wearing the beautiful gems for the occasion. But be very careful with the pieces not to lose or misplace hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry.

3. Choose the Jewels you Like
Instead of turning up to the ceremony dripping with diamonds, you should go for the kinds of jewels you’re comfortable rocking. Pick the kind of jewelry that you can see yourself wearing time and again. You can also get more than one use for the jewelry, unlike the dress, so choose wisely.

4. Let the Jewelry Match your Dress
While your jewelry should primarily express your personality, it should also complement the look of your dress. With jewels, less is usually more. Just look natural rather than cluttering yourself with gems. For instance, if your wedding dress is heavily decorated, avoid putting on a necklace because it’ll look too busy.

In a similar way, halter-necks should focus more on hair accessories, while short sleeved dresses should include a bracelet. Strapless or sweetheart dresses go well with chandelier earrings, while v-necks usually require something like a choker or pendant to adorn the neckline, like this range of necklaces. Keep in mind that you only need one focal piece of jewelry, as such; don’t put on one of every jewelry pieces because they make your ensemble appear more disheveled rather than debonair.

5. Colored Accessories
Colored accessories should not be ruled out. In fact, adding a pop of color with your jewelry can subtly liven up a classic or neutral color theme. Alternatively, for themed weddings, accessories will be a sure way to continue the theme throughout the occasion, for example with unicorn jewellery.

6. Your Skin Tone
Your skin tone with lend itself to either gold or silver jewelry, and if you are not sure about this, ask for some advice. This rule also applies when opting for a colored accessory, depending on your skin tone. For example, if you have an olive skin or a fair complexion, find out what are the best colors for you, and stick to them.

7. Faking it is Always an Option
It’s absolutely fine to get high-quality replicas. Anyway, who’s gonna know? You don’t need genuine diamonds if their crystal alternatives look just as gorgeous. Such cheaper alternative will save you money, keep that in mind before you begin popping tags. With the wedding prices skyrocketing every day, you’ll need that extra spare change.

Finally, when the big day comes don’t forget to hand out lots of lovely¬†presents like these gifts from unicornjewellery.co.uk. Your invitees will love you for it!